Why do we decide to launch a division in a new area?

Because the topic is important, in the public interest. We note however that there are many, many important issues in the public interest that we do not address, choosing to leave them to other organizations with more specific expertise and interest than we have.

Because is it something we can do well. Either because of our training and aptitudes, the resources available to us, the capabilities of prospective partners, or because it builds directly upon our past and present initiatives. We always ask ourselves: are we in a position to do this better than anyone else? The answer should be “yes” for everything we do.

Because it interests us. Other things being equal, we do things that interest us. After all, Tula is a full time job for us, so we want to enjoy ourselves.

Our Divisions

Tula supports the following divisions. Learn more more about the divisions by clicking through to the division pages and visiting divison websites.