Dimagi Case Study

From our technology partner Dimagi “Another dimension for scale is by adding additional programs to a pre-existing mHealth project.  If CHWs are using a mobile solution to support their maternal and child health work, adding an additional TB app would represent program expansion. Economies of scale can be achieved through… Continue reading

Dimagi Visit to TulaSalud

Our technology partner Dimagi describes a visit to TulaSalud in their staff blog. “We chose Guatemala because it is sunny, accessible, and there’s a ton to do. We also wanted to visit our partner TulaSalud, and see how their 200+ health workers are using CommCare to track women with high-risk pregnancies. Finally, our colleague… Continue reading

Kawok program expanded

Kawok is a health information system (HIS) that supports community health workers (CHWs), nurses, doctors, supervisors and epidemiologists in their daily work. An overview of Kawok can be found here. Over 250 CHWs were added in 2014 and over 900 communities in 12 health districts are currently covered by Kawok.… Continue reading

Kawok Malaria App

Starting in 2013, TulaSalud worked with the malaria sub-program of the Guatemalan ministry of health to implement a pilot project to streamline malaria diagnosis and treatment. Funded by the Global Fund and the Tula Foundation, the project goal was to reduce the total time taken to transport blood tests administered… Continue reading

TulaSalud Tech

Karla Pop Molina. Karla was born in Cobán, Alta Verapaz. Her family speaks Queq’chi, so she learned it as a child. She studied accounting and at the College of Social and Legal Sciences. In the course of those studies she did an internship in a health institution and after that worked… Continue reading


Dr. Moises Chen Cruz. Dr. Chen, Physician and Surgeon, was born in Rabinal, Baja Verapaz, and is therefore a native speaker of the Achí language. His speciality is Epidemiology. He trained in Mexico and at the University of San Carlos of Guatemala, and through several additional courses in his speciality. He… Continue reading

TulaSalud Coordinator

Jesús Amado Soto Morales.  Amado Soto was born in Cobán and now resides in nearby Tactic. He was trained as a nurse and as a middle school teacher. Over the years he has had additional training in fire fighting, air rescue, survival, mountaineering, air rescue, emergency operations, safety and industrial… Continue reading


Dr. Cesar Augusto Diaz Molina Dr. Diaz grew up in Cobán in a family of eleven children. Dr Diaz says of his family: “What my father earned was not enough to give family members much comfort, but what he taught us was helping others, discipline, responsibility, honesty and the desire… Continue reading

Program Director

Christy Gombay Global Health Program Director, has worked with the Tula Foundation since 2003. Christy has a PhD from the University of Toronto where he studied Political Science and Public Administration. He began working in Guatemala in 1986 while doing research for his M.A. thesis. After more than twenty-five years he… Continue reading