Kawok program expanded

Kawok is a health information system (HIS) that supports community health workers (CHWs), nurses, doctors, supervisors and epidemiologists in their daily work. An overview of Kawok can be found here. Over 250 CHWs were added in 2014 and over 900 communities in 12 health districts are currently covered by Kawok.… Continue reading

Kawok Malaria App

Starting in 2013, TulaSalud worked with the malaria sub-program of the Guatemalan ministry of health to implement a pilot project to streamline malaria diagnosis and treatment. Funded by the Global Fund and the Tula Foundation, the project goal was to reduce the total time taken to transport blood tests administered… Continue reading

TulaSalud Update: Spring 2013

Update for spring 2013. In 2011 the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) announced a five-year, $32 million project to improve the nutrition and health status of women and children in the highlands Guatemala–essentially the same geographical area covered by TulaSalud. Over the last year or so we have… Continue reading