Community Health Worker

Santiago Quim Santiago Quim is a community health facilitator in the community of Santa Elen Secacao, municipality of Senahú, department of Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Santiago recognized an emergency that required intervention: his patient was experiencing prolonged labor, and she had the risk factor of multiple previous births. It took an hour and… Continue reading

Nurse Practitioner & Grad

Ingrid Lorena Santiago Traveling Nurse Practitioner, Fundameno Prestadora health services. [Translated and edited from the Spanish original Ingrid Lorena Santiago.] I currently work as a traveling nurse, and cover the jurisdiction of San Cristóbal Quixal, which comprises approximately 23 communities, where I attend the needs of providing health services, prenatal care,… Continue reading

Technical Nurse & Tutor

Georgina Gladys Reyes Mo Technical Nurse & CAEC Course Tutor Outpatient CAIMI (Maternal & Child Comprehensive Care Center), San Cristóbal, Alta Verapaz, Guatemala. Community Auxiliary Nursing Course Tutor, San Cristóbal [Translated and edited from the Spanish original Gladys Georgina Reyes Mo.] “It all started when in activities of my church a… Continue reading

The Hakai Magazine

The Hakai Magazine is part of the Tula Foundation, sister to the Hakai Institute. It will explore the ties between the ocean, land, and human societies through long- and short-form journalism, illustrations, infographics, photos, and videos. The Hakai Magazine will have its own voice and mandate. Here is the announcement of… Continue reading