Kawok program expanded

Kawok is a health information system (HIS) that supports community health workers (CHWs), nurses, doctors, supervisors and epidemiologists in their daily work. An overview of Kawok can be found here.

Over 250 CHWs were added in 2014 and over 900 communities in 12 health districts are currently covered by Kawok. Over 8,000 pregnancies will be registered in 2014, with many pregnancies referred to secondary and tertiary levels of care before, during or after delivery. Using the phone for consultations and coordinate referrals remains a key benefit of the program. The map below illustrates the current coverage of the program.




TulaSalud staff remain involved in all aspects of the program, with ministry of health staff taking on increasing responsibilities. 22 rural health technicians (T├ęcnicos en Salud Rural) from the ministry of health received Kawok training in 2014 and are now involved in CHW training, supervision and support.


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