TulaSalud Celebrates 5-year Anniversary

(Translated from the TulaSalud newsfeed in Guatemala)

February 21, 2013. The TulaSalud Association (the Guatemalan counterpart of the Tula Foundation) held a press conference where they invited media and representatives of partner organizations with which it has worked at over the years, to support the training of health personnel and to promote health care in rural and disadvantaged areas of Guatemala. The TulaSalud executive director, Isabel Lobos, gave ​​the presentation, including a timeline that highlighted the main events, before and after the creation of TulaSalud, highlighting the activities of the project which started as a binational axis between Guatemala and Canada. The decision of the Tula Foundation to continue support kept the program alive, eventually leading to the formation of the TulaSalud Association.

Following the presentation, the media asked ​​some questions, made suggestions and gave thanks for the invitation and for TulaSalud’s work in support of the most vulnerable in Alta Verapaz

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