UVic ELC Speaks Out on the Muzzling of Government Scientists

Many of you readers know that the Hakai Beach Institute and the Tula Foundation have had a long relationship with the Environmental Law Centre at the University of Victoria. Chris Tollefson is the Hakai Chair in Environmental Law and Sustainability; Deborah Curran is the Hakai Professor in Environmental Law and Sustainability; and we’ve worked with the legal director Calvin Sandborn from our first contact with ELC.

Calvin Sandborn

Calvin Sandborn

The ELC has recently done great work on the Enbridge Northern Gateway file. More recently, they have had a huge impact on the issue of the muzzling of government scientists. Calvin emailed me today to highlight the continued great work, and in particular the contribution of ELC student Clayton Greenwood.

Clayton Greenwood

Clayton Greenwood

Here is Clayton’s recent interview with CBC radio.

Calvin says:

As you may know, Clayton’s ELC project has led to the Information Commissioner launching a probe into the muzzling of government scientists.  His work has been discussed on the BBC, in the Economist, in editorials and opinion columns in the Globe and Mail, Vancouver Sun, Toronto Star, National Post, on CTV Canada AM, and numerous other places. 

Thanks again for making all this possible!

The goal of our support for the ELC is to give students like Clayton exposure to real cases and it definitely seems to be working. What an education. Our thanks to Calvin, Clayton and everyone else at the ELC.

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