X’beil li Kawilal: Health and Leadership Program for Young Women

The X’beil li Kawilal means “path to health” in the Q’eqchi’ language. The program focuses on adolescent and young women in indigenous rural communities in the department of Alta Verapaz in Guatemala.


  • Strengthen self health care, reproductive health and nutrition.
  • Promote self-esteem, confidence, decision-making, health and personal development.
  • Discourage early pregnancies.
  • Reduce maternal and infant mortality.
  • Focus on long term changes to promote health.

This program is conducted in each community by two female leaders selected by the community who are then trained in health prevention and promotion, group management techniques and leadership. These leaders receive remote support from TulaSalud via audio-conferences, face-to-face community sessions, and training workshops for leaders.

TulaSalud Educadoras XLK 001

In 2014 the program expanded to 196 communities in 10 health districts in Alta Verapaz, and reached 5,678 young women.

The program is run in partnership with the local health care providers: the DASAV (The Ministry of Health in Alta Verapaz) and local NGOs.

The program received additional financial support (Q500,000, or roughly USD65,000) from the Juan Bautista Gutierrez Foundation, which allowed expansion in 2013 and 2014.

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