Hakai Media Telsl Stories of Our Coast

We have recently established the Hakai Media division within the Tula Foundation as a vehicle for public education and outreach in an area that particularly interests us: the coastal margin. The coastal margin includes the watersheds, estuaries, channels, and ocean right out to the edge of the continental shelf. These are among the most productive and diverse regions of our planet. And of course we humans have lived, worked, and thrived on the coastal margin for countless millennia. It’s that juxtaposition that interests us–the ocean, the land, the human stories.

Customs House

Customs House with Hakai Media loafers on the porch

The headquarters for Hakai Media is on the shore of the Inner Harbour in Victoria, British Columbia. Our building was erected as the Federal Customs House three years after British Columbia joined Canada in 1871. You can read more about the very interesting history of the building here.

Here is a sample of some of the material we will be producing: a short video entitled “The Importance of Kelp”.

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