TulaSalud: 2014 Update

2014 Kawok Highlights

  • The number of community health workers (CHWs) using Kawok has doubled to over 400, providing coverage to over 900 communities in 12 of 19 health districts in Alta Verapaz.
  • Kawok is on track to help monitor over 8,000 pregnancies in 2014.
  • Kawok training, monitoring and support responsibilities are shifting to Ministry of Health staff, including 22 Técnicos en Salud Rural (TSRs).
  • Kawok-Malaria helped reduce confirmation of test results from weeks to days, as part of the MoH phase 1 Malaria program co-funded with the Global Fund to Fight AIDS,Tuberculosis and Malaria.  Tula is discussing expansion plans with the MoH as part of the phase 2 Malaria program, also co-funded with the Global Fund.
  • A transition from Nokia ‘feature phones’ to Android smartphones is expected to complete in 2015.  TulaSalud is currently testing $75 Huawei Android phones, with positive results so far.
  • A major update to the Kawok platform, version 3, is in development with field testing planned for early 2015.  Kawok 3 includes additional focus on nutrition, early childhood development and education.  Kawok 3 requirements were prepared collaboratively with DASAV (the departmental health authority for Alta Verapaz, part of the Ministry of Health), and 13 DASAV staff are currently involved with testing and refining the initial version of the application.
  • TulaSalud was happy to host our key technology partner, Dimagi, during their away-month in Guatemala in February.  You can read more about their visit here and their case study here.
  • Additional partnerships are being developed, which we hope to announce soon.


Christy will provide an update on the CAEC plus other things of interest, including shortfalls.


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